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NINTAANZI is a purpose led lifestyle brand that connects people with the wisdom of Mother Nature and indigenous cultures.


We are a sister founded and operated business devoted to celebrating the rich history of ancient cultures.


NINTAANZI was born from our personal transformation through meditation, yoga, and holistic living.


In 2013 we started our first project, Mala necklaces, developed in partnership with the Ashaninka artisan community in central Peru. It provides a platform for these incredibly talented women to share their gifts and culture with a global audience.


NINTAANZI means LOVE in the Ashaninka language. Our business is an extension of our love for nature, humanity and the divine within us.


We support and collaborate with other visionary women owned businesses we believe in.


We are always evolving with our clients and global community, never trading in our integrity and standards.


We thrive on delivering an exceptional customer experience and exceptional service and have been featured in: Oprah Daily, Yoga Journal, Yoga France, American Express Essentials, Yoga Aktuell and other publications and blogs around the world.


Welcome to our world, NINTAANZI.




We trust in good karma and we strive to pass it on.


We believe in slow design and living. We believe in unique, one-of-a-kind artistry. We believe in small-scale and handmade production to insure exceptional craftmanship. We believe in fair pay in order to support the small family business ecosystem in our artisan community. We believe in sourcing local materials. We believe in partnerships that respect human dignity, the environment and promote public awareness and education.


Every NINTAANZI offering reflects our values of sustainability, conscious simplicity, compassion and honesty.




Our artisans receive 50-100% above local market rate for each piece produced.


Every year, we invest 20% of the profits from our annual sales in food, education, environmental causes and initiatives, centered around the health and well-being of the communities in the Peruvian Amazon.


As part of our independent entrepreneurial initiatives, we have supported training programs and have sponsored workshops for our artisans with the goal to enhance their skills and earning power. We believe when we invest in women, we are changing the lives of everyone in the whole community.





We are two sisters whose mutual passion for playfulness, holistic lifestyle and love of nature has always been a part of our lives. We appreciate the fluidity and simplicity that life can offer. We seek balance and growth over stagnation. Our journey of awareness has inspired us to share tools to connect, evolve and grow in mind, body and spirit with seekers of self-transformation around the world. We thrive on making the NINTAANZI experience one filled with excellence, integrity and love.


Because---the divine in me, sees the divine in you.




Dina and Flor

NINTAANZI, Co-Founders







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