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  • Tsirentsiki Sweet Caramel Mala

Tsirentsiki Sweet Caramel Mala

$ 85.00



Our Malas are mindfully handcrafted in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon. They are beautiful and have a bohemian flair. Our Sweet Caramel Mala necklace is a favorite among the down to earth, the hardworking and the nature lover. It has healing and grounding energy. It is a tool to support your goals in the material plane.

Wear it solo or mixed with other treasures of your personal jewelry collection.

Tsirentsiki Seed : Provides protection. Attracts wealth, new beginnings and infinite potential.

Brown Color: Related to reliability, structure, honesty, elegance, quality, security, nature and home. Promotes material security and physical comfort. 

Drop: approximately 70 cms with tassel.
Weight: approximately 64 gms
Natural dyes.
Slips on.

Finished with NINTAANZI signature tassel.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to their natural origin, each Mala is unique. No two Malas are alike. Some variations in color and size may occur and should be expected. Colors are natural dyes and with use and time they might slightly fade showing a beautiful individual patina.

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